21-Days Lockdown, But Don’t Worry / Petrol Pumps, Grocery Shops And Milk Booths Will Remain Open, What Is Open Till 14 April, What Is Closed, See Full List:-


Petrol Pumps, Grocery Shops, And Milk Booths Will Remain Open During Lockdown:-

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a nationwide lockdown for 21 days to break the coronavirus infection. That is, till April 14, more than 130 crore population will remain in their homes. Due to this sudden announcement, people have become worried about ration and food items. After this announcement, in many parts of the country, long queues of people have started at the shops to collect everyday things. Bhaskar’s appeal is that don’t panic by this 21-days lockdown, as the government has issued advisories within minutes of Modi’s speech. It has clarified that essential services like ration, vegetables, milk, petrol pumps, bank medical stores will continue, which means that people will not have any shortage of these things. The government is also trying to get the essential goods for the people i.e. home delivery. So that least people get out of the houses.

Note What Will Be Open From Today Till April 14 And What Will Be Close

Petrol Pumps- LPG:-

These will be closed: Government of India offices, autonomous and their offices and government corporations will remain closed.
These will be open: Defense, Central Armed Police Forces, Treasury, Petroleum, CNG, LPG, PNG, Disaster Management, Power Generation and Transmission Units, Post Office, National Informatics Center, First Warning Giving Agencies.


These will remain closed: State Government and Union Territory Offices, Autonomous Departments and Corporations.
These will remain open: Police, home guards, civil defense, fire brigade, emergency services, disaster management, and prisons. District Administration and Treasury. Electricity, water, sanitation department. Municipal corporation staff engaged in cleanliness or water supply work.


Exemptions: Ration shops, grocery stores, fruit and vegetable shops, dairy and milk booths, meat and fish shops, animal feed shops under the PDS.
Advisory: The district administration should encourage home delivery from all such shops to the houses so that at least people leave the house.

Health Services:-

These will remain open: Hospitals, all departments including medical, manufacturing and distribution related to hospitals, private and public sectors. Services such as dispensaries, chemists, medical equipment shops, laboratories, clinics, nursing homes, ambulances will continue to work. Transportation of medical staff, nurses, para-medical staff and staff of services connected with hospitals will be exempt.

These essential services will also continue:-

  1. Banks, Insurance Offices and ATMs.
  2. Electronic and print media.
  3. Telecom, Internet services, broadcasting, cable services. IT and IT related services.
  4. Delivery of essential items like food, medicines, medical equipment through e-commerce.
  5. Petrol pumps, LPG retail and storage outlets.
  6. Power generation, transmission and distribution units, and services.
  7. Capital and debt market services, which have been notified by SEBI.
  8. Cold storage and warehouse services.
  9. Private Security Services.


These will remain closed: All types of industrial establishments will remain closed during the lockdown.
These will remain open: Manufacturing units that manufacture essentials. After the approval of the State Government, such production units will also be able to remain operational, where continuous production takes place.


Transport Service:-

These will be closed: Air, rail and roadways services will be suspended for 21 days.
These will remain open: Transportation of essential commodities, fire, law and order, and emergency services.


These will remain open: hotels, homestays, lodges, and motels where people are trapped due to lockdown and where tourists, medical and emergency staff, aircrew and sea crew are staying. Institutions that have been selected for the quarantine facility.
These will remain closed: All types of teaching, training, research, coaching institutes will remain closed.

Events And Religious Events:-

All kinds of political, social, sports, entertainment, academic and cultural events will not happen. All types of religious places will remain closed. No religious event will be allowed. No more than 20 people will be allowed to attend during the funeral.

If The Rules Are Broken Then Action Will Be Taken:-

What will happen if isolated people do not remain at home?
All the people coming to India after February 15 and all those who have been quarantined home, if they leave the house a legal action will be taken under Section 188 of the IPC.

What Will Happen If Rules Are Violated?

  • There is a provision of 1 year or fine or both if the government officer’s work is interrupted or if the instructions of the government don’t follow. It can also be extended to a sentence of 2 years.
  • Provision of fine and fine up to 2 years for making false claims.
  • Provision of fine and fine up to 2 years if unaccounted money or goods are collected.
  • A provision of 1 year or fine if false claims are made about the warning.
  • If the government department defaults, then the head of the department will be responsible and action will be taken.


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