A Few Hours Before The Hanging, Restlessness Of Nirbhaya’s Convicts Increased, Pawan Gupta Reached SC, Akshay Filed A Mercy Petition:-


A Few Hours Before The Hanging, Restlessness Of Nirbhaya’s  Convicts Increased:-

As the hanging date comes closer, the anxiety of the four convicts of Nirbhaya is increasing. This time, two Nirbhaya convicts have once again resorted to legal tricks to avoid hanging. Pawan Gupta, first convicted of Nirbhaya, again play a new trick to avoid being hanged. Pawan has again filed a curative petition in the Supreme Court. At the same time, the guilty Akshay has once again given a mercy petition to the jail administration. Which has been requested to be sent to the President. It will be sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs by the Government of Delhi.

Even before this, a curative petition of Pawan has been dismissed in the Supreme Court. This is Pawan’s second petition filed in the Supreme Court. At the same time, Akshay has also filed a second mercy petition. Earlier, one of his mercy petitions has been rejected by the government. According to the death warrant, the convicts of Nirbhaya are to be hanged at 5.30 am on March 20.

Executioner Arrived In Tihar:-

Executioner Pawan arrived in Tihar on Tuesday. According to jail sources, the executioner was told the full action plan by the officials. At which the executioner assured the officials that he was fully conscious of his work. There will be no problem anywhere. The executioner then expressed his desire to visit the jail number three complex so that he could do the inspection of the situation in the hanging house. At his request, the officer took him to jail number three. During this time he also talked to the officials about the rope of the noose


Nirbhaya’s  Convicts Are Jailed In High-Security Jail:-

The jail administration is fully aware of the health of the convicts The jail administration is fully aware of the health of the four convicts of Nirbhaya who are captive in the high-security cell of jail number three. A team of doctors is checking the health of everyone twice daily. Health check-up reports of the culprits are also being recorded in the register. Special attention is being given to cleanliness around the cell. In the wake of the coronavirus, all the security personnel under the surveillance of the cell have been given sanitizers to clean their hands from time to time.


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