After Trains And Buses, Now Domestic Flights Will Also Be Ceased From Tuesday Night 12 AM:-

Due to Coronavirus, no person will be able to travel anywhere in the whole country. There is a partial lockdown in 5 states and complete lockdown in 19 states. There is a curfew in Puducherry, Maharashtra and Punjab. So, the boundaries of these states are sealed and inter-state bus service is closed along with trains. People cannot move anywhere. Meanwhile, the Central Government has issued an order that all domestic flights will be stopped from 12 am on Tuesday night. If any traveler has to reach his destination, he should reach there before midnight tomorrow. There will be no flight after this.

The government has told airline companies that all your domestic flights should reach their destination by 11:59 pm on 24 March. Flights will not run after this. Only cargo flights will be exempt from this. On an average, 13 million passengers a month and 14 crore passengers travel on domestic flights annually. These restrictions mean that transport in the country will be completely stopped from Wednesday.

What Is Closed In The Country:-

1. Flights

The central government has banned all international flights till 29 March and has decided to stop all domestic flights on Monday. The central government said that all domestic flights will be canceled after 12 am on Tuesday night. However, the Center did not say how long the stay will last.

2. Trains

The Railways has decided to stop 12500 i.e. all passenger trains, by March 31. No trains will run except goods trains for 9 days. This decision means that 2.3 crore people traveling on these trains daily will not be able to go anywhere now.

3. Metro Services-Inter State Buses

The cabinet secretary on Sunday directed the chief secretaries of all the states that metro services and inter-state buses should also be stopped by 31 March. It also includes Delhi Metro, by which about two crore people travel daily.

4. Lockdown and curfew in 25 states

Lockdown has been done in 25 states and union territories of the country. These include Punjab, Maharashtra, and Puducherry, where curfew has been announced till 31 March. The boundaries of these states and their districts are sealed, which means, no person can go from one city to another. The lockdown period is up to 31 March in all states.

Why Did This Happen:-

Despite the lockdown in about 25 states and curfews in 2 states, people do not appear to be serious. The streets were crowded and in some places, people were seen on the roof of buses. The very next day of the “Janta curfew”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to appeal that people take the lockdown seriously. A few hours later, the Health Ministry said that officers in all states should strictly follow the lockdown. There should be legal action against those who will break the rules.

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