Borders Adjoining Delhi Will Open From Tomorrow, But Delhi’s Hospitals Will Be Available Only For Delhiites:-

Borders Adjoining Delhi Will Open From Tomorrow:-

From tomorrow June 8, restrictions will be removed from all the state borders adjoining Delhi. People from Haryana and UP will be able to move freely in Delhi. No pass will be required. This announcement was made by Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

CM Arvind Kejriwal held a press conference on Sunday. He informed that from June 8 all the restaurants, malls and religious places are going to open. According to the Cabinet’s decision, only Delhiites will be treated in Delhi’s government hospitals and private hospitals. At the same time, central government hospitals will be open for all the citizens of the country.

CM Arvind Kejrival informed that the committe of five people has given their report to the government after deliberating. According to the report, Delhi will need 15,000 beds by the end of June. They say that hospitals in Delhi should not be opened for the rest of the people. The hospitals should be open only for Delhiites. If this is done, the reserve beds of Delhi will be filled in three days.

The cabinet decided that we need to make balance. 10 thousand beds in Delhi’s hospitals are reserved for Delhiites. 10 thousand beds of central government’s hospitals are available for all the people of the country. Some private hospitals that do special surgeries and those hopitals who don’t have the facilities in the rest of the country are allowed to treat all people of the country.

Some Private Hospitals Will Be Open For All People:-

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that some private hospitals that perform special surgeries related to oncology and neurology, which are not available in the rest of the country are exempted, the rest of the people in the country can come and get treatment in these hospitals. He also said that the hotels and banquet halls are not being allowed to open yet, they may have to be attached to hospitals if needed further.

On 10 June 70% Corona Fees Levied On Liquor Will Be Removed:-

The Delhi government also informed that the 70% additional charge levied on liquor amid the lockdown will be lifted on June 10.

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