Hantavirus After Coronavirus: One Killed In Yunan Province, Risk Of Death By Hanta Virus Is 24% Higher Than That Of Corona:-

Another Dangerous Virus Has Knocked In China Named HantaVirus:-

The threat of coronavirus which has killed more than 17 thousand people in the world still continues. Meanwhile, another dangerous virus has knocked in China. Its name is Hantavirus. A person traveling by bus in Yunnan province died. According to the Chinese newspaper Global Times, death was caused by the Hantavirus. Some reports state that the risk of death from the Hantavirus is 24% higher than that of the coronavirus. Global Times reported that the person going to Shengdong from Yunnan died of the Hantavirus. There were 32 other passengers on the bus in which he was infected. All these are being investigated.

Hantavirus A New Challenge: Through Questions Understand How Dangerous It Is?

How Is It Spread?

According to China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this virus is spread by mice. It does not spread through the air. It catches those people, who carry the feces, urine, saliva and these things to the face.

What Are Its Symptoms?

The initial symptoms of this virus are tiredness, fever, muscle aches, headaches, dizziness, chills and stomach problems.

What Is The Next Stage After Symptoms Appear?

If the infected person is left untreated after the initial symptoms appear, he may be at risk of low blood pressure, stroke, leakage from the pulse, kidney failure.

Who Are In The Risk Of This Virus?

According to reports, there is a high probability of the virus spreading in rural areas of China, because there are more number of mice. Apart from this, campers and hikers can also fall prey to it, as they live in camps.

How Is Hantavirus More Dangerous Than Coronavirus?

Around 15,000 people have died due to coronavirus worldwide. About 4 lakh people are infected by this. The death rate is 14% in coronavirus and 38% in hantavirus i.e. death risk in hantavirus is 24% higher than that of coronavirus.

What Steps Did China Take To Prevent From This Virus?

CDS stated that initially, we have only taken steps to control the number of mice, as the root of the spread of this virus is mice.

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