Haryana: 14th Day Of Lockdown / 23 New Infected Were Found Today, 22 Of Them Are Jamati’s:-

23 New Infected Were Found Today, 22 Of Them Are Jamati’s:-

23 new cases were reported in Haryana on Tuesday. There are 22 Jamati’s in these. 16 people were found positive in Nuh, all have connections with the Jamaat. Seven infected were found in Faridabad. Among these six people are associated with Jamaat. With these new cases, the total number of infected people in the state has now reached 121. Among them, 75 people are associated with Jamaat. The villages where infected patients have been found. They have been sealed. Health workers have also come under the reeling of Coronavirus. A Multi-Purpose Health Worker (MPHW) has also been found infected in Faridabad. At the same time, in the report, late Monday, a doctor and a nurse who treated the infected patient have also been found Corona positive in Karnal.

Police Teams Rushed From Village To Village To Find Jamaati’s:-

The number of Corona positive in Haryana and other places of the state has increased due to the Tablighi Jamaat. After this, the entire government’s eye has been fixed on them. If the cops are looking for them, on the other hand, the health department employees are now reaching every village to treat them. Still, Tablighi is not coming forward. In the last 24 hours, police have found 154 new Jamaati’s. Samples of around 700 Jamaaati’s were taken in two days in the state, while the rest is in process. These people reached not only in cities but also in villages. By asking them, the department team is reaching, in the villages where these people stayed.

Preparation For Strictness On Jamaati’s:-

Health and Home Minister Anil Vij said on Monday that Jamaati’s themself are not coming forward. In 24 hours 154 Jamaati’s were searched by the police. Now their number has increased to 1527. It is feared that Jamati is still hidden. He gave the time till 5 pm on 8 April to the Jamaat to come forward and inform the district administration. Otherwise, strict action will be taken against them. Legal advice is being taken about what action can be taken against them.

Haryana Now Has A Total Of 75 Jamati Infected, 10 Of Them Foreigners And 45 From Other States:-

The number of infected Jamaati’s has now risen to 75 in Haryana. The highest number is in Nuh district. A total of 29 Jamaati’s are infected here. Apart from this 25 people are infected in Palwal, 2 in Gurugram, 2 in Ambala, 2 in Bhiwani, 1 in Kaithal, 11 in Faridabad, Charkhi Dadri 1, Jind 1, Fatehabad 1 people who came from Markaz. 10 Of these, are foreigners and 42 are from other states, who came to Haryana to do the task of preaching.

Corona Infection Reaches 14 Out Of 22 Districts:-

The total number of infected patients in Haryana has reached 121. The maximum number of 30 patients is in Nuh. After this, there are 26 infected in Palwal. 21 have been found in Faridabad, 18 in Gurugram, 5 in Karnal, 4 in Panipat, 3 in Ambala, 3 in Sirsa, 2 in Bhiwani, 2 in Panchkula. At the same time, one positive patient has been found in Kaithal, Hisar, Rohtak, Charkhi Dadri, Jind, Fatehabad, and Sonipat. At the same time, 14 patients have recovered and reached home. Most of them are in Gurugram itself. 9 patients have recovered from here, 3 in Panipat, 1 in Faridabad, 1 in Sonipat and 1 patient in Palwal.

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