In The Fight Against Coronavirus, Today People Will Turn Off The Lights, Illuminate Diya And Candles, Modi’s Tweet- If You Are Ready Then Retweet At 9 pm, For 9 Minutes:-

In The Fight Against Coronavirus, Today People Will Turn Off The Lights, Illuminate Diya And Candles:-

Against the darkness of Coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has requested to turn off the lights, lit candle, the flashlight of the phone for 9 minutes on Sunday night at 9 pm. On Sunday, the Prime Minister tweeted once again to remind people to light a lamp and candle in the fight against Coronavirus. The Prime Minister said that if you are ready then retweet. In his third address on the Corona crisis, Modi had said that we have to awaken our superpower on April 5, so that the people present in the houses do not feel lonely during the lockdown.

Do this: Light a lamp, candle or mobile flashlight. Sitting alone for a moment, remember Maa Bharati.
Do not do this: Do not go out of the house. Do not break the Laxman line of social distancing. This is the panacea to break the corona chain.
Indian Army said- Do not use alcohol-based sanitizer while lighting a lamp. There is a risk of fire.

No Threat To Electronic Equipments: Ministry Of Energy:-

Union Energy Secretary Sanjeev Nandan Sahai described the apprehensions baseless, In which he told that the electrical equipment would be damaged due to an increase in voltage after the lights were switched off. People keep only the lights off at 9 o’clock, let the rest of the appliances like fan, fridge, AC run. There is no risk to the devices. All power producers and distribution companies are fully prepared. There will be no problem in the grid as well. Earlier, By citing the sudden increase in consumption and a decrease in consumption of energy, Maharashtra minister and Congress leader Shashi Tharoor had feared the grid failure. This too has been rejected by the Ministry of Energy.

Modi’s Third Address To The Nation:-

For the third time, Modi addressed the citizens on the Corona crisis. During this, on 5 April, he challenged the darkness of the Corona Crisis and appealed to the citizens to turn off the lights and lit Diya. He said, “We have to introduce the power of light.” To awaken the superpower of 130 crore countrymen on Sunday. Turn off all the lights of the house, at the door or in the balcony, while standing, light a candle, lamp, flashlight or mobile flashlight for 9 minutes. So that no one present in their homes feels alone in the fight against Corona. During this event of Prakash also keep in mind the Laxman Rekha of social distancing. In order to defeat the corona crisis, the light has to be spread around. There is nothing in the world that we cannot achieve with strength. “

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