Now You Will No Longer Be Able To Put The 30-Second Video On Whatsapp Status, The Decision Taken Due To Increased Pressure On Data Traffic:-

Now You Will No Longer Be Able To Put The 30-Second Video On Whatsapp Status:-

People are in their homes amidst the lockdown in the Covid-19 pandemic and are using social media heavily. These days, the use of WhatsApp has seen an increase of up to 40 percent. Due to this, the pressure on data traffic has increased. Due to this, Facebook has now reduced the limit of videos of its instant messaging app WhatsApp Status to 15 seconds. Facebook has written in its new tweet that the status update in WhatsApp is reducing the length of the video. Till now you could upload the 30-second video on WhatsApp. But now it is being reduced. Due to short status video, there will be less pressure on data traffic and users will not have to face problems like network congestion and slow data.

WhatsApp Has More Than 400 Million Users In India:-

At present, WhatsApp has more than 400 million active users in India. People are using this instant messaging service more these days to stay connected with you. By reducing the video time of the status, the data consumption will be reduced. Earlier, other video streaming platforms have also started streaming low-quality videos to users on mobile networks.

This Is Also The Reason:-

Let us know that most of the WhatsApp users upload the videos of Chinese apps Tik-Tok, Vigo and VMate in their status. In such a situation, there is the branding of Chinese companies and all the traffic also goes there. These Chinese companies have made their videos 30 seconds according to WhatsApp. Now WhatsApp will encourage its users to create original content. This is the reason why videos are being made of only 15 seconds in the Status.

Video Quality Also Reduced On OTT Platform:-

Let us know that the Cellular Operators Association of India had asked all OTT (Over The Top) platforms to apply HD and HD Plus content to restriction on streaming through mobile networks. After which companies like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube had decided to show the video in Standard Definition (SD). These companies have cut HD quality videos on their platforms.

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