Passenger Trains Will Not Run For 22 Hours From 12 AM on Saturday Night to 10 PM On Sunday, Mail-Express Will Also Be Closed From 4 Am Onwards:-


Prime Minister Calls For “Janta Curfew”:-

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Thursday to initiate a “Janta Curfew” on 22 March from 7 am to 9 pm. Keeping in view that, no passenger trains will run from 12 am on Saturday night to 10 pm on Sunday night. According to sources, mail and express trains will also be stopped at 4 am. Suburban local train services will be reduced to a minimum level. According to railway officials, a total of 2400 passenger trains will not run during the “Janta Curfew”. These include 1300 mail express trains, passenger trains and a large number of suburban trains.

In the wake of Coronavirus, the railways have already canceled 245 passenger trains to avoid non-essential travel. Onboard catering service in mail and express trains has also been discontinued till further orders. On behalf of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC), it has been decided to close food plazas, mass feeding centers and cell kitchens operated by it to prevent infection.

Metro In Delhi And Buses In Haryana Will Be Closed:-

Metro services will be closed in Delhi on the “Janta Curfew” day on 22 March. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), tweeted that this step has been taken to make people stay at home and keep distance in the crowd. At the same time, the bus service in Haryana will also be closed on Sunday.


Modi Appealed To Initiate A “Janta Curfew” On Sunday 22 March:-

The Prime Minister addressed the nation on Thursday keeping in a view of the increasing cases of coronavirus and the worsening situation in the country. He appealed to impose ‘Janta Curfew” on Sunday, March 22 from 7 am to 9 pm. It will be a curfew imposed by the people on themselves, to protect other people. He said that no person should leave his house during these 14 hours. At 5 pm, thank each other by clapping, ringing, ringing bells and showing solidarity to fight this virus.

Advised The Elderly To Stay Indoors:-

Prime Minister Modi had emphasized on keeping the distance socially and said that every countryman should avoid going out for the next few weeks if it is not very important. The elderly aged 60 to 65 years or more should stay at home. He also appealed to NCC, sports organizations and socio-cultural organizations to create awareness for this.


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