Prime Minister Calls For “Janta Curfew” On Sunday 22 March From 7 AM To 9 PM In The Country:-

The Prime Minister addressed the country on Thursday in view of the increasing cases of coronavirus and the worsening situation in the country. He appealed to impose a public curfew on Sunday, March 22 from 7 am to 9 pm. On themselves, It will be a curfew imposed by the public. He said that no person should come out of his house during this 14 hours. At 5 pm, thank each other by clapping, ringing, ringing bells and showing solidarity to fight this virus.

This was Modi’s 5th address to the country in the last 6 years. On Thursday, he appealed to deal with coronavirus by using around 1900 words in 29 minutes. He also said that every countryman should avoid going out for the next few weeks if not very necessary. The elderly aged 60 to 65 years or more should stay in the house. Read his 8 most important things …

1. Janta Curfew On 22 March Sunday From 7 Am To 9 PM:-

What Appeal Did The Prime Minister Make?

Earlier when there was a situation of wars, there was a blackout from village to village. Even when there was no war, municipalities used to drill blackouts once or twice a year. That is why I am seeking one more support from every countryman today. This is the “Janta Curfew”. That is the curfew imposed by the public on their own, for the public. This Sunday i.e. after 2 days, on March 22 from 7 am to 9 pm, all the citizens have to follow the “Janata curfew”.

What People Will Have To Do?

The Prime Minister has appealed that no citizen should come out from their houses during this “Public Curfew”. Do not go on the road. Do not gather people in the society-locality. People stay in their homes.

How It Will Be Followed?

The Prime Minister has asked all the state governments of the country to make efforts to follow the Janata curfew. The NCC has also appealed to sports organizations and socio-cultural organizations to create awareness for this. Modi said- You should call 10 new people every day and explain this global epidemic and public curfew and make them understand

Why Did It Need?

Modi said this “Janta Curfew” will be like a test for us. It will also be an attempt to test how much India is ready for a battle with Coronavirus. The success of the “Janta Curfew” and its experience will also prepare us for the challenges to come.

2. PM Modi said that on 22 March at 5 pm we will thanx to those who served others:-

What Appeal Did The Prime Minister Make?

Modi said- I want another cooperation from you on 22 March. Friends! For the last two months, lakhs of people have been working day and night in hospitals, airports, offices, streets of the city. Whether they are doctors, nurses, hospital staff, cleaning staff, media workers, policemen, transporters, delivery boy, these people are engaged in serving others regardless of their care. If we look at today’s conditions, these services cannot be called normal. Even today, they are taking the risk of getting themselves infected, but still doing their duty. They are standing in between us and the corona epidemic like the guards of the nation. The country is grateful to all such small and big people and organizations. I would like to thank all such people on 22 March. This method can also connect everyone.

What Will People Have To Do?

The Prime Minister said that we should express such gratitude for 5 minutes by standing at the door of our house or standing in front of the balcony or windows at 5 pm on the day of “Janata Curfew”. For this we express our gratitude to them by clapping, ringing, ringing bells, encouraging them and saluting them. Local administration across the country will implement this. You will hear a siren at 5 pm on March 22 to reach the doors and windows of your house. The number of policemen in the country is around 19 lakhs. These are all on duty. There are 2.2 million health workers across the country. They have an important role in controlling the coronavirus. There are 1.2 million doctors in the country. There is one government doctor for every 10,926 citizens.

3. Don’t Go To The Hospitals:-

The Prime Minister said, “The pressure on our hospitals should not increase so that doctors and para-medical staff have the facility to prioritize this epidemic.” Our habit of going to the hospital for routine checkups should be avoided. Avoid as much as you can. If you feel very important, then take the necessary advice over the phone from your family doctor or doctor of acquaintance. If you have taken a date for elective surgery, which is not very necessary, then extend it further.

4. Economy, Middle Class And Poor:-

Modi said- this global pandemic is also having a wide impact on the economy. We have decided to set up the Covid-19 Economic Task Force. This task force will take decisions in the near future, taking feedback from all the states and taking assessments. This task force will also ensure that all the steps taken should be followed.

The Prime Minister said this epidemic has definitely affected the middle class, lower-middle class and the poor. There is also a request from the higher income group to take care of the people you seek services from. It may be that if they do not come to the office in the coming days, then do not cut their salary. Decide with full sensitivity. Always keep in mind that they too have to run their own family and protect the family from disease.

5. Milk, Food And Drink Essentials:-

Modi said that I assure all the citizens that all steps are being taken that there will be no shortage of milk, food, medicines, and essential things. This supply will never be stopped. So do not compete to collect essential goods. Do normal shopping as before. Don’t do panic buying. This is not right.

6. Work From Home, Senior Citizens Should Not Come Out Of Their Home:-

The Prime Minister said that today we have to take a pledge that we will protect ourselves from getting infected and save others from getting infected too. The second imperative to avoid this disease and to keep yourself healthy is moderation. And what is the way of moderation? Avoiding crowds, avoiding getting out of the house, which is nowadays being called social distancing. Corona Social distancing is more necessary and effective in this era of a global epidemic. If you feel that you are fine and nothing will happen, you will keep going on the streets in the same market and avoid Corona, then this thinking is not right. By doing this you will do injustice to yourself and your family. I urge the citizens to leave their homes only when it is very important for the next few weeks. Whether work is related to office, business, do that work from home. There is another request, all senior citizens in the family who are above 60-65 years of age stay isolated for the next few weeks and do not leave the house.

7. Modi Said Whatever I Have Asked From You, You Never Disappointed Me:-

It is very important for every Indian citizen to be alert. Whatever I have asked from you, I have never been disappointed by the citizens. It is the strength of your blessing that together we are moving forward towards our set goals and have also succeeded. Today I have come to demand something from 130 crore citizens. I would like to take your coming weeks.

8. Appeal to move ahead with strength in Navratri:-

We have to devote all our strength to protect ourselves from Corona. Today in the country whether it will be a central government, the state government, the panchayats, everyone is contributing in their own way to fight with this global epidemic. You also have to give your full contribution. It is necessary that in this climate of a global epidemic, mankind should win, India should win. The festival of Navratri is coming in a few days. This is the festival of Shakti worship. India moves forward with full force. Taking the necessary restraint about this resolution, let us also save and also save the country as well. Save the world. I would request to pay thanks to the “Janta Curfew” and those who serve.

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