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Data Entry Jobs Online: The most demanded job in every sector is data entry jobs. Almost every organization requires to keep their data organized on computer files. It includes their daily log files, inventory management, employee management, and other works of the organization. Some of the employees of the companies work from their offices and some work from home. The Data Entry Work can be easily managed from home. 

Now I will cover the details of the term Data Entry work so that you will get a glimpse of what is to be done in the data entry work. The data entry work involves entering data from one file to another file. You can say entering raw data into usable files, for example, you can get meeting notes and employee information, and the organization demands the result into MS Word file or into their online software. 

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You have to see data from one file and enter that data into another file in a different format as specified by the organization. The work is straightforward forward just follow the instructions. Now, the concept of typing speed comes into the picture. This job demanded good typing speed as you type fast, you will be able to complete the work quickly and can take another job and this way you can manage to earn a good amount just from home.

The speed of 60 -70 WPM (words per minute) is the best speed to earn giant amounts. In this article, we will cover the possible ways where you can get data entry work-from-home jobs that are online and how to apply for that work from home. Data Entry Work is offered by many govt organizations and private organizations like IT companies, Financial Companies, Banks, etc.

Now we will discuss the points you should keep attention to, the organization that is ready to hire a data entry operator will ask you to show your qualification and age, and sometimes they also demand a typing speed certificate. For getting online data entry jobs without investment if you don’t have a typing speed, you can join any course which will issue the typing speed certificate within months and then you can start your career by working online jobs from home. 

Follow the below article, we have covered every detail to get succeed in the Data Entry Online Jobs.

Different Types of Data Entry Jobs

The data entry work has its own kind, you should understand the kinds of online data entry jobs without investment and how you can enter into this field. Read on. 

1. Data Entry Clerk

The Data Entry Clerk term itself gives its meaning. A clerk is a person who enters data into the computer system. The organization which hires you will give you the data file and also inform you about where to enter the data like an Excel file word file or PPT. 

And the work is very simple, you can see yourself as maintaining the records of employees of the company, their arrival time, salary details, leave details, etc. For becoming successful in a work-from-home job, you should be a keen observer who follows instructions and pay attention to minor details.

The starting wages of data entry clerks can start at $05 and can max up to $25 per hour.

2. Data Entry Keyers

Data Entry Keyers’ work deals with critical information and there is no chance of mistakes. For this work, you must notice minor things in the data sheets. For example, you work with estimation sheets, design files, CRM files, etc. This work is mostly associated with the quality control dept. And the company hires you for finding the mistakes in the work. 

As this job deals with critical data, it will definitely pay you higher rates from $15 to $32.

3. Data Entry Operator

The work of the Data entry Operator is to gather the details or asked information from the MS Word file, MS Excel files, and a list of emails and then write the retrieved information in another format as per the guidelines of the company. The job admirer should understand the basic functionality of the computer system and its software in order to finish the job. 

The Data Entry Work will give you a per-hour package of $9 to $40.

4. Payroll Data Entry Operator

Payroll Data Entry Operator job involvement is with the tiniest details of the data file. A person who is a keen observer and finds the smallest details from the provided data is suitable for the work. The work of the Payroll Data Entry Operator is to deal with the employee’s salary, payment or bills in the stores, inventory list management, etc.

The wages given to Payroll Data Entry Operator may vary from $16 to $22 per hour.

5. Typist

Typist do type in any language but English is the most used language across the globe as it is a global speech for communication. The Typists will be assigned the work to write the content of the book into Word files, write from images, write articles, etc. 

The person who is good at typing speed and has knowledge of the grammar of the language will do best in the typing job, the wages of a Typist start at $15 and can go up to $20 per hour.

6. Offline Data Entry

It is the most basic form of Data Entry work. You can understand the term by an example. When you visit a restaurant and order something, the people sitting at the inquiry will search on the computer and ask you about some things like your name, and email id, and then enter a new entry into the computer system. This kind of work comes into the category of Offline Data Entry. 

It involves the function of exploring the database, searching the database, creating new entries, or removing some entries from the database. The working rate of the Offline Data Entry will vary from $12 to $22 PH.


7. Writing

Writing is a raw form of Data Entry Work. Some person loves to write, they write stories, and diaries on a daily basis, and they have the skill to explain something. That person should opt for their writing passion. There are many firms who want to create content on numerous topics, they may be involved with the subject knowledge, news, current affairs, environment, donation, etc. 

The person can get a job as Editor, Content Writer, Manuscript Writer, Copy Writer, and other roles in writing that pays from $15 to $25.

8. Online form filling

It is a straightforward job of taking data from one file and putting the data into the fields of the form. The companies sometimes will send you a list in the form of an Excel file and demand from you enter the information one by one in some online forms. The login details of the online form will be provided by the organization. 

You have to follow the instructions of the companies and create a form for each entry of the Excel File. This is one example of an Online form filling job, there may be more. It is good work to do from home online. Your speed and accuracy will give you more money. As the companies work on an hourly basis. The hourly payout varies from $05 to $20.

9. Survey Filling

Maybe you will get a random email to fill out a survey. The companies mainly contact you through social media sites and ask you to give answers to some basic questions asked about some product or service of any company. They will give you some pint for completing the survey. It is kind of a fun job, required no hard work, and sometimes it is refreshing to give answers to survey questions in return, you will get money or they will credit points to your account and may offer you gift cards from the shopping websites.

The payment of the survey may depend on the company. Maybe they pay your survey wise and on average, a person can manage to earn from $5 to $20 PH.

10. Email Processor

The work of an Email Processor in any organization is associated with creating emails in junk and sending them to a group. It can be birthday wish emails, payment reminder emails, wishlist emails from shopping websites, or emails associated with other companies’ internal work.

You will get the content of the email, the work is to compile the email as per instructions and send them on a fixed time. The job can pay you from $12 to $30.

List of the Top 10 Trustworthy Websites for Data Entry Jobs

You now have an understanding of the Data Entry Jobs Online and might be thinking of where you can apply for Online Data Entry Jobs. We have covered the next points for showing you the platforms you can apply for part-time work-from-home jobs and other similar jobs like Captcha Typing, Online Typing Jobs, etc.

1. AccuTran Global

On the AccuTran website, you will get most of the Online Data Entry Jobs from home, and they have a type of data entry job known as transcription jobs also. Here you will get countless related jobs, the owner of the job may be from anywhere in the globe. If you are able to finish the work independently, you should apply for that job.

2. MegaTypers

MegaTypers welcomes freshers who have as low as 10 WPM typing speed and will show you great opportunities to work from home. All you need is to create your profile and search for the Data Entry work, typing work, or other work available there.

3. Fiverr

It is one of the most favorable labor management websites that have millions of jobs vacant that are online. On Fiverr, there are many workers who are managing to earn $30000 on a yearly basis. Get a mastery in one skill and write that in your profile on Fiverr to attract recruiters. When you get a job, do it with passion and accuracy. 

4. Axion Data Entry Services

Axion team will organize a typing speed test and if you pass the basic exam, they will allow you to create a profile on the website and then start finding the Data Entry related work from home online jobs. They have registered companies who are posting new jobs on a daily basis and assure guaranteed payment for work done.

5. Internshala

Internshala is a renowned platform that allows you to create your platform and apply for vacant positions in the top MNC companies globally. They also share your resume with many other clients and offer you several kinds of internships which will help you to excel in your career.

6. MTurk

It is Amazon Mechanical Turk. MTurk posts many tiny jobs and pays for them. The tiny job will take hardly one minute. And by completing many tiny jobs in an hour you can earn a great amount. The work is simple like listening to music files and writing them, entering captcha values, etc.

7. Click Worker

Click Worker platform has many legitimate employers that need workers to perform several kinds of work. You should visit the web platform and then create your new profile with accurate detail and the skills you have and then avail various vacant jobs. 

8. Upwork

Upwork is a genuine source of getting jobs and getting paid after the completion of the work. Nowadays Upwork company kept your profile for reviewing and approval after basic checking. The person will get the confirmation email when they approve the account.

You should visit the website and apply for various data entry jobs from home. 

How Much Do the Jobs of Data Entry Pay?

Position Name Working Hours Salary Per Hour
Data Entry Clerk Position 5 to 6 hrs $15 to $39 PH
Data Entry Keyers Position 4 to 6 hrs $12 to $38 PH
Data Entry Operator Position 3 to 6 hrs $22 to $37 PH
Payroll Data Entry Operator Position 4 to 6 hrs $13 to $33 PH
Typist Position 4 to 6 hours $32 to $68 PH
Offline Data Entry Position 2 to 5 hrs $10 to $28 PH
Writing Position 3 to 5 hrs $12 to $44 PH
Online form filling Position 2 to 4 hrs $10 to $26 PH
Survey Filling Position 4 to 5 hours $04 to $26 PH
Email Processor Position 3 to 6 hrs $12 to $48 PH


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