Kurukshetra Becomes Hotspot, Three New Corona Positive Cases Were Reported In The District:-


Kurukshetra. Corona outbreak is increasing in Kurukshetra. Three new cases were also reported on Monday. On Monday, the report of a two-year-old child has also been found positive. The said child has been sent to Mullana Medical College and Hospital. Along with him his mother will also stay in the hospital. At the same time, the active cases in the district have increased to 21. District Civil Surgeon Dr. Sukhbir Singh said that three new cases of corona virus have been found in Kurukshetra. Which includes two men and one child. Due to these new patients, the number of active cases of corona virus has now reached to 21.

A woman from Delhi in New Colony was found positive a few days ago. The report of the two-year-old grandson of the said woman has been found positive. This child has been admitted to Mullana Medical College. The child will be looked after by his mother. Here, the decision of the 60-year-old chemist from Ladwa is yet to be decided as to whose record it will be in Chandigarh or Kurukshetra. The said person was reported positive in the PGI on Sunday.

A Person Returned From Dubai Found Infected:-

A 23-year-old person returned from Dubai in Samaspur village and a 31-year-old person from Sector 3 were found positive. Samples have also been sent of the people involved in the said people’s chain. So far a total of 2391 people have come from abroad in the district. Of these, 2349 people have also completed the 28-day quarantine. Now six people are staying at home and 21 people are staying in hotels. Out of 5964 samples so far, 5836 reports have come negative from the district. The report of 93 samples is yet to come. So far, 34 positive cases have been received in the district. While 13 people have been discharged from the hospital. Now the district has 21 active cases.


ICMR Team Will Investigate 400 Samples From 10 Places:-

The ICMR will conduct a research in the state to check whether the people here have the power to fight the corona. For this, ICMR teams will also do random sampling at different places. On Monday, the team reached the sub center Sirsama under Mathana CHC. The team conducted sampling in the presence of SMO Dr. Shailendra Khambra. Blood samples of a total of 40 persons were taken by dividing the village of Sirsama in four different directions by team members Wilson Christ and Jyoti Gulia. After studying it, the scientists of the team will find out whether the people here have the power to fight the corona. Similarly, a total of 400 samples will be taken from 10 different areas of Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra is the first district in Haryana to be selected by the ICMR team. Dr. Sumit Kaushik, Lab Technician Pawan Atri, Neelam and Poonam of Sub Center Sirsama, All Asha Workers Uma, Sunita, Karmajit, Reena, Satya, Amarjeet, Paramjeet, Neetu, Anganwadi workers Veena, Anita and Phoolwati etc. Arrived. They took samples under the leadership of Dr. Shailendra Khambra. Said that these samples will now be investigated.


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