Modi Said-Arogya Setu App Can Be Used As e-pass In Future, This Weapon Is Important In The Fight Against Coronavirus:-


The Union Health Ministry Has Launched The Arogya Setu App:-

In the fight against Corona infection, the Union Health Ministry has launched the Arogya Setu App. Through this, people are being given important information like symptoms of epidemics and methods of prevention. In a video conferencing with the Chief Ministers on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about motivating people to download it. He said that Arogya Setu is an essential weapon in the fight against Corona. We will explore the possibility of using it as an e-pass during the journey.

Modi said that many countries of the world are taking the help of mobile apps and AI to reach people. How South Korea and Singapore succeeded in preventing infection through contact tracing. Based on the experiences of those countries, India has started its efforts through this app and this app will become an essential weapon in dealing with the epidemic. He informed that through this app, the possibility of providing e-pass for those traveling from one place to another will be searched.


App Technology Is Effective Against Coronavirus:-

First of all, install the Arogya Setu app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Now before opening the app, turn on mobile location and Bluetooth. Then open the app. These two will always be on, then only this app will work. Keep your location sharing on “Always” so that the app knows when, where you are going. The app will ask for permission to use the location. Allow it along with this, information about name, age, gender, etc. will have to be given for registration. You will also have to tell if you have traveled abroad recently.

How Beneficial Is The Aarogya Setu App For Us?

  • The app tells you the level of risk from Corona. It tells you how much you have the risk of coronavirus based on the symptoms, information like diseases, and your location, given in the Self-Assessment Test. It tells you whether you need a test, a doctor or a phone consultation.
  • The app has information on all the state and central helpline numbers, on which you can dial directly by clicking. In addition, it also keeps giving you live information related to the Coronavirus through the tweet feed.


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