Prime Minister’s Third Message In 16 Days / Modi Said- In The Fight Against Coronavirus, This Sunday, April 5 At 9 pm, Turn Off The Lights Of The House And Light A Candle, Lamp Or Mobile Flashlight:-

Prime Minister’s Third Address To The Nation In 16 Days:-

Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a 12-minute video message with the citizens on Friday related to Coronavirus. He said that people have shown discipline in the 9-day lockdown against Coronavirus so far. On Sunday, April 5 at 9 pm, you should turn off all the lights for 9 minutes and light a candle, lamp or mobile flashlight. This was Modi’s third address to the people of the country in 16 days.

Modi’s appeal for April 5:-

  • Do this: Light a lamp, candle or mobile flashlight. Sitting alone for a moment, remember Maa Bharati.
  • Do not do this: Do not go out of the house. Do not break the Laxman Rekha of social distancing. This is the panacea to break the corona chain.
  • Also inspired the citizens: To defeat the corona crisis, the light has to be spread around. No one is alone There is nothing in the world that we cannot achieve with strength.

Modi’s Three Important Things:-

1. We made the world to feel the power

The lockdown against Corona is happening nine days today. You all have introduced discipline, service. The administration has also handled the situation. The way you thanked Corona Fighters on March 22. The whole world is adopting it. We have made the world realize the collective power of India. “

2. We have to go from darkness to hope

Today, crores of people are in homes, so anyone can feel how many more days will have to be spent. Friends, this is definitely a time to be alone, but none of us is alone. It is important to realize the grandeur of the country. People are superpowers, this fight is not possible without you. Amidst the darkness of the corona, we have to go towards the light. We have to spread light to defeat the darkness of Corona. On Sunday 5 April, we have to take the resolution of 130 crore citizens to a new height. On this night at 9 o’clock for 9 minutes, turn off the lights of the house and light a candle, lamp or mobile flashlight at the door.

3. Social distancing is important

During this time superpower of light will feel and it will show that no one is alone. Citizens of the country are all together for a resolution. During this time no one will go out of the house and take care of social distancing. This is the panacea to break the corona chain. On 5 April, sit for 5 minutes to remember Maa Bharati and think of the citizens. There is nothing in the world that we cannot achieve with strength. Let’s beat Corona together.

Modi Also Apologized:-

On 29 March, the Prime Minister apologized for the problems caused to the people due to the lockdown in Mann Ki Baat. He had said that measures should be taken before the disease. Corona is adamant on destroying humans. It is a fight for life and death. So all people have to unite and resolve to follow the lockdown. One has to show patience in lockdown. Some people do not understand corona severity. But I say do not live in this misunderstanding, many countries are ruined. Honor those who contributed to the fight with Corona. Help the poor and needy.

Third Address To The Nation:-

More than 2 thousand people are infected across the country. Modi is in constant touch with all the states regarding Corona. On Thursday, he held video conferencing with the chief ministers for the second time. The Prime Minister said that the help of religious leaders should be taken in the awareness campaign against Corona. Modi has addressed the nation 3 times amid the threat of this epidemic. In his first address to the country on March 19, he had asked for a public curfew on March 22 and to clap in honor of Corona Fighters. In the second address on 24 March, there was talk of a 21-day lockdown. This lockdown will end on 14 April. So far more than 60 people have died in the country due to coronavirus infection.

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