World’s Biggest Lockdown / Everything Closed Till The Night of 14 April:-


World’s Biggest Lockdown:-

The largest lockdown in the world is in India and it is going to increase for 21 days now. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on the issue of coronavirus for the second time in 5 days and announced it. In this 29-minute address on Tuesday night, he said – “To save India, there will be a complete lockdown in the country from 12 o’clock Tuesday night.” This will be stricter than public curfew. It will be for 21 days. Just forget to go outside for 21 days.

If not 21 days, then your country and your family will go 21 years back. Social distancing is essential to combat Coronavirus. We must break the cycle of transition. Coronavirus can be avoided only if the house’s Laxman Rekha is not crossed. ”The lockdown for the next 21 days means that everything will be closed across the country till the midnight of April 14 and a population of 130 crores will remain in the homes

1. Every State, District, Street-Locality Is Under Lockdown

The Prime Minister said- If negligence continues, India may have to pay a huge price. It is difficult to guess how much this price will have to be paid. The country has been locked in several parts for two days. These efforts of the state government should be taken seriously. Considering the experiences of the health sector, the country is going to take important decisions. Tonight, the entire lockdown is going to happen across the country from 12 o’clock. To save India, to save every citizen, to protect your family and you, a complete ban is being imposed on leaving the houses from 12 o’clock tonight. State, union territory, every district, village, town, street-locality lockdown is being done. In a way, It is a curfew. This is more strict than the Janta curfew. This step is very necessary for a decisive battle against the Corona epidemic.

2. If You Don’t Implement The Curfew For 21 Days Then Your Country And Your Family Will Go 21 Years Back: Modi

Modi said – of course, the country will have to bear the economic cost of the lockdown. But, saving the lives of every Indian, your family, is the biggest priority for me, for the Government of India and the State Government. So I pray you. With folded hands, I pray you that wherever you are in the country, stay there. In view of the present situation, the lockdown in the country will be 21 days. Three weeks.

Last time I spoke, then I said that I have come to ask you for a few weeks. The coming 21 days are very important for every citizen, every family. The time of 21 days is crucial for breaking the coronavirus infection cycle. If these 21 days are not handled, the country and your family will go back 21 years. Many families will be devastated forever. I am saying this not as a Prime Minister, but as a member of your family. Just Forget to go outside, forget it for 21 days. Stay at home and do work there.

3. Social Distancing Is The Only Option To Compete Against Coronavirus

The Prime Minister said- you are seeing that even the most capable country in the world has been destroyed by this epidemic. It is not that countries are not making efforts or they have lack resources. However, coronavirus is spreading so fast that despite all the preparations and efforts it is spreading. The conclusions drawn from the two-month study of all these countries and what experts are saying is that the only alternative to effective combat with Corona is social distancing.

4. The Transition Cycle Must Break

Modi said- social distancing means staying away from each other. There is no other way to avoid coronavirus. If you want this virus stop spreading, then the cycle of infection has to be broken. Some people are under the misconception that social distancing is only necessary for the patient, this thinking is not correct. Social distancing is for every citizen and every family. Same for the Prime Minister. Carelessness and wrong thinking of some people will put you, your children, parents, your family, your friends and the whole country in a very difficult situation.

5. Corona means Co-koi, Ro-road, Par Na-Nikle

The Prime Minister said- Lockdown across the country has drawn Laxman Rekha at the door of your house. Remember that just one step out of the house can bring a serious epidemic like corona into your home. It is to be remembered that many times a person infected with corona feels healthy in the beginning. He is infected, it is not known. So take precaution, stay in your homes. People who are at home are telling this thing in a new way on social media. I am also showing you a banner that I liked. Corona means Co-koi, Ro-Road, Par Na-Nikle.


6. One Infected Person Can Infect Hundreds Of People In A Week

The Prime Minister said- Experts also say that if coronavirus reaches to a person today, it takes several days to show its symptoms. During this, he inadvertently infects the person who comes in contact with him. The WHO report states that a person infected with the disease can infect hundreds of people in a week. There is another figure.

It took 67 days for the number of people infected with coronavirus in the world to reach one lakh first, after that one lakh new people got infected in just 11 days. It took just 4 days to have three lakh numbers. You can estimate how fast it spreads. If it starts spreading, it is difficult to stop. This is the reason why the virus started spreading in countries like China, America, France, Germany, Italy and then the situation became uncontrollable. Be it Italy or America, the health care of these countries, their hospitals, resources are the best in the whole world. Their arrangements are considered to be excellent. Despite this, these countries could not reduce the influence of Coronavirus.

7. Corona Can Be Avoided Only If The House’s Laxman Rekha Is Not CrossedModi said- The question is that where is the ray of hope in this situation, what are the solutions and options. The ray of hope for dealing with Coronavirus is the experience from countries that could control the coronavirus to some extent. Citizens of these countries did not leave their homes for weeks. The citizens of these countries followed 100 percent government instructions and therefore some of these countries are now moving towards coming out of this epidemic.

We should also assume that this is the only way in front of us. We do not have to get out of the house. Whatever happens, stay at home. From the Prime Minister to the citizens of the village. Corona can be avoided only when the Lakshman Rekha of the house is not crossed. The chain of its spread has to be broken. India is at that stage where our action today will decide how much we can reduce the impact of this disaster. This is the time to strengthen our resolve again and again. It is time to exercise restraint at every step. You have to remember that if there is life, there is a world.

8. Think About Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical Staff

Modi said- It is a time of patience and discipline. As long as there is a lockdown in the country, we have to keep our resolve and our promise. I pray with folded hands that while living in homes you think of those people, wish them good luck, who are working to fulfill their resolve by risking their lives. Think of doctors, nurses, paramedical staff. These people are working in the hospital to save each life. Think of hospital administration people, ambulance drivers, sweepers who are serving others. Think of those who clean your society, roads, and neighborhoods. To give you the right information, also think of media people working 24 hours who are on the streets, in hospitals, taking the risk of infection. Think of the policemen who are doing duty to protect you without worrying about the family. Many times some people also fall prey to mischief. Central and state governments are increasingly working amid conditions created by the Corona global epidemic.

9. This Is A Difficult Time For The Poor

The Prime Minister said- Surely this hour of the crisis has brought a difficult time even for the poor. Government, civil society, all organizations are mobilized for these people. People are coming together for these poor people. With all efforts for what is necessary to live a life, what is necessary to save a life has to be given the highest priority. The central government is working to increase the country’s health facilities to deal with the epidemic. To strengthen the health infrastructure for the treatment of Corona patients, the Central government has done work of Rs.15 thousand crores. Isolation beds, ICU beds, laboratories, etc. will be increased. Medical and paramedical training will also be done. States have requested that healthcare should be the priority of all. The private sector of the country also stands with the countrymen in this hour of crisis and transition. Private labs and hospitals are coming forward to work with the government. Also keep in mind that in such times, even unknown rumors get loud. I urge you to avoid any kind of rumor and superstition. It is very important to follow the instructions given by the central government, state government and medical institutions. Do not take any medicine without consulting doctors. Messing can endanger your life. I am confident that every Indian will follow the instructions of the government in this hour of crisis. 21 days is a long time, this is the only way we have to protect your life, your family. I believe that every Indian will fight this crisis, but will emerge victorious from this difficult time. Take care of your loved ones. We all should follow these restrictions, following law and order with confidence, exercising sobriety, and resolving victory.

10. Thanks For The Success Of The Janta Curfew

Modi said- My dear citizens, Today I have once again come to speak on Coronavirus. The resolution of Janata curfew that we took on 22 March. Every Indian has contributed with full sensitivity and responsibility for the purification of the nation. Children, elderly, people of every category, big and small, supported in this hour of examination. Janta curfew was made successful by every Indian. With one day public curfew, India showed that when the country is in crisis, the crisis is on humanity, then how do we all Indians fight together. You all deserve thanks for the success of the Janta curfew.


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